Thursday, May 22, 2014

Chai Pe Charcha

Smoky, Spicy Chai for a change

Today's news reads that the Congress party has dissolved 14 District committees and 140 block committees ( I could've got the numbers mixed up, if so, sorry about that). The party wants to revamp the organization. But madam you are treating typhoid with malaria tablets.
The reason that the Congress failed miserably in the election is not organisational failure nor it is the inefficiencies of the campaign managers. The mandate of the people clearly points to one direction. A wave against the sheer arrogance either congenital or inculcated by the INC and its allies.
Every time a Kapil Sibal came and said there is zero-loss to the exchequer in the 2G-3G scam, every time a Sheila Dixit held a press conference to say all is well with the Commonwealth Games in the face of obvious an -apology-of-a-construction conditions, dirty toilets, stray dogs hanging around in the Games' Housing Complex, every time an eminent economist-Prime minister came and said the files pertaining to the Coal Scam are missing, every time a Robert Vadhra got land registered in his name on the basis of an un-cashed cheque, the blood of the electorate was boiling. Older people may have resigned to the fact that this is the way it will be, the Congress discounted the 18% strong young and the first-time voters charged with the anti-corruption ideology that generally comes with youth who couldn't digest the fact of corruption.
What they couldn't digest either was the unabashed brazenness with which the party and its allies were justifying the wrongdoings. Unfortunately there was nothing the electorate could do to topple these leaders-turned- feudal lords. They were simmering in anger and helplessness.
Then there was Modi. A humble chief minister from a election wise not-so-important state whose name shone through the dark shadows of the post-Godhra riots only after Tata Motors set up their Nano factory in Gujarat. People noticed the Gujarat model of Development only then.
The BJP didn't do so much to Modi's image as much as Congress did to elevate him in the eyes of the public. Forget BJP, forget Shiv Sena, Forget TDP, suddenly Modi was the only enemy to fight. Each time the Congressmen spoke ill of him, it was actually sounding like Modi-chant to the public. An enemy's(The Congress) enemy is a friend was the subliminal message sent out each time a Priyanka Vadhra(who suddenly became a Priyanaka Gandhi), or a Rahul Gandhi or a Kapil Sibal or a P Chidamabaram foul-mouthed him.Therefore this became a Ab-ki-baar, Modi Sarkar and not BJP Sarkar. The Congress should take the credit for the phenomenal success that Narendra Modi, The BJP and The NDA have enjoyed in 2014.
In the past when a member of a minority community voted for the Congress he was actually voting for Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi who somehow had created an image for themselves of being secular, pro-downtrodden, pro-minority. So anybody who was not from the majority, his/her vote was assured to go to the Congress. The graph first reached a plateau and then slowly but surely started going forward and downward after Rajiv Gandhis death.
This time especially the disenchantment and disappointment of the minorities with the Congress was quite evident. Also the vote-for-caste/community mould also was broken especially in the Caste-controlled North.
If anti-Incumbency played a major role both Amma and Didi should have lost. They didn't.
Was development the only weapon the BJP used to get votes? I don't think so. I think they used hope. Hope of a better tomorrow, hope of social justice being made available to the people, hope of not having to pay the peon in a municipal office for a birth certificate or to release the body a dead relative from the clutches of the police after a post-mortem and a hope of a son or a daughter getting a decent job.
The rampant corruption in MNREGA, JNNURM where the likes of Sachin Tendulkar are mentioned as manual laborers, The multiple DIN held by Priyanka Vadhra, Sachin Pilot, Salman Khurshid and the great Karthi Chidambaram (do you remember his arrogance when he got a businessman arrested in the wee hours of the morning for tweeting something bad about him?). Which of these stalwarts did not know that it is illegal to posses more than one DIN? Absolute shamelessness!
The multiple DIN holding is just a small reflection of the Congress' audacity which considered itself a Leviathan in this country.  Well, a David Modi has demolished a Goliath.
But more than anything, I hope, the BJP and its allies are listening and learning from this debacle of Congress. If they learn and I truly hope they will, there will not be another Purti Scam.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

I'm in Love Again!

The past three weeks have been excruciatingly painful. For two reasons. One, I had a fall from a staircase and landed on my bum and two, I had to spend those three weeks at home resting. I now could declare that I truly had a pain in my butt! Bored out of my skull I posted my favorite photographs from the library of pictures that I had clicked over the past four years. I became so facebook friendly that I now can be officially declared temporarily insane!
I was also youtubing my favorite genres of music which are, Jazz and Hindustani classical. My boredom had also led me to seek a soul mate in my mobile phone. 
That day, whining and writhing in pain while shaving (the slightest move of the pelvis in the wrong angle would send electrifying pain through my back!), I was playing one of the online radio channels available on an android app called Tunein. Generally I play music from this app while shaving as a fill-in sound to kill boredom. then it just happened! the piano piece that was playing was so well played like it was some angel playing. I looked at the song being played ( the advantage of these apps is that you can view the artiste and the song details when the song is being played) and discovered a relatively new artist called Jessica Williams playing a song called Soldaji. it was sheer magic! I was in love again!
After my ablutions , I sat at the computer (in great pain as usual) and youtubed the song. It was there! and there were more.
The songs I'd recommend of Jessica Williams are:
1. Soldaji
2. In a Sentimental Mood - a Jazz Standard
3. The Shiekh
4. As Time goes By - The immortal song from the movie Casablanca sung again and again by various artists.Here she plays an abstract version and her mastery over the ebony and ivory keys is an epitome of a virtuoso.
5. All Alone.

Now I got to go to iTunes to buy these songs.I suggest you guys who love jazz do so too.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree
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Merry Christmas 2009 everybody. May all of you have a wonderful 2010 ahead.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Morning Cuppa

My Morning Cuppa
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I have four cups of coffee a day. Will do.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chevrolet 1

Chevrolet 1
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The vintage at Ajith havan Palace Hotel.

Bee Hive after the 'Eviction' of the bees

The Residents of my apatment complex thought of these creatures as harmful and therefore got them evicted. What you see is a denuded hive.

The Language of Colours

The Language of Colours
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Mysore sky at Sunset