Sunday, November 10, 2013

I'm in Love Again!

The past three weeks have been excruciatingly painful. For two reasons. One, I had a fall from a staircase and landed on my bum and two, I had to spend those three weeks at home resting. I now could declare that I truly had a pain in my butt! Bored out of my skull I posted my favorite photographs from the library of pictures that I had clicked over the past four years. I became so facebook friendly that I now can be officially declared temporarily insane!
I was also youtubing my favorite genres of music which are, Jazz and Hindustani classical. My boredom had also led me to seek a soul mate in my mobile phone. 
That day, whining and writhing in pain while shaving (the slightest move of the pelvis in the wrong angle would send electrifying pain through my back!), I was playing one of the online radio channels available on an android app called Tunein. Generally I play music from this app while shaving as a fill-in sound to kill boredom. then it just happened! the piano piece that was playing was so well played like it was some angel playing. I looked at the song being played ( the advantage of these apps is that you can view the artiste and the song details when the song is being played) and discovered a relatively new artist called Jessica Williams playing a song called Soldaji. it was sheer magic! I was in love again!
After my ablutions , I sat at the computer (in great pain as usual) and youtubed the song. It was there! and there were more.
The songs I'd recommend of Jessica Williams are:
1. Soldaji
2. In a Sentimental Mood - a Jazz Standard
3. The Shiekh
4. As Time goes By - The immortal song from the movie Casablanca sung again and again by various artists.Here she plays an abstract version and her mastery over the ebony and ivory keys is an epitome of a virtuoso.
5. All Alone.

Now I got to go to iTunes to buy these songs.I suggest you guys who love jazz do so too.


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